Al Younghoon Kang

Al Younghoon Kang

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First Name * Al
Last Name * Younghoon Kang
Username * alchoi
Country * Australia
City Brisbane
Nationality Canadian
Languages English




From the quiet streets of downtown London, Ontario to the vast wide expanses of the prairies, to the magnificent mountains of Vancouver, British Columbia, Al Kang spent the formative years of his life travelling across Canada in his pursuit of becoming an illustrator and visionary storyteller. Little did this one time bass player for the punk band, "The Lancasters" realize that he would eventually receive a calling that would seat him firmly in the cradle of Canada's animation industry.

Hewn from the rock of such companies as Mattel, Alliance Atlantis, Cartoon Network and Teletoon, Al managed to build a career as an animator/story artist on such projects as Barbie, Dragon Booster and Ed, Edd and Eddy. Along the way, he managed to garner the Ben Wicks Award for Outstanding Canadian Children's Illustrator.

After an illustrious career at Electronic Arts that spanned over four years, working as a concept artist and lead artist on such projects as Need for Speed:Underground, Underground 2, and Need for Speed:Most Wanted, Al was recruited by EA's secret IP development team, where he wrote screenplays and produced previsualizations for 3 new Next Gen projects ... a sci-fi, a Guy Ritchie-style action-adventure, and the upcoming EA Skate Playstation 3 exclusive.

Currently, Al is working in Bribane Australia, as a Lead Artist for Krome Studios, Australia's largest videogame company. On the side, Al is an independent short filmmaker, with one completed film submitted to Tropfest for consideration, and another one currently in preproduction.

His strength of devotion comes from his admiration of his hero - the one man who taught him when to look at the earth in front of him, and when to gaze at the stars... his uncle. But the passion within each story he writes comes from the countless names and faces of the people he's met travelling across Canada and Australia. Somewhere, in one of the many stories that are written and will be written, these strangers will be remembered.

Born in London, Ontario and having attended Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec to study Literature and Film, Al continued on to the Vancouver Film School where he studied the art of classical animation and continued on to a degree in 3D animation.